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Website Design company

A professional, attractive user-friendly website design company can play a crucial role in winning you new customers and business. At Hashseven, we deliver a cutting-edge website design that will make a real impact. We are experts in creating attractive user-friendly websites and responsive websites, which looks great and perform more perfectly whether your visitors or customers are browsing on a computer, mobile or tablet.

Our websites are designed with accessibility in mind, giving you the best chance of attracting customers, keeping them on your website, and tempting them back time and again.

When it comes to technology we have our favourites in the main thing, To know we have vast experience in various industries and know what will work best for your business and category. We ensure your website reaches its full potential and we will give you the information to achieve the maximum of your business with our technical suggestions.

Website development


As an Ecommerce Development Company, We will ally with you to conquer the market and help you to identify the right platform from your base store to perfect custom Ecommerce store also you can set a goal to reach more customers from your Ecommerce Store.

Our Platform made you to easily manage and completely owned by your single vendor marketplace or a multi vendor store that managed by multiple vendors by this platform you can customize our Ecommerce services anytime we met your all requirements.

Website Design Company
Business Website

Looking to get your business online we help to create websites with customized features and tools. Startups can easily reach their customer as soon and we create websites for all businesses.

  • Schools , Colleges , Universities
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Agencies
  • Corporate
  •  Professionals
  • Legal & Finance Etc,.
Website Design Company
Web Portals

We apply the most suitable technologies for your business needs and ensure an immense level of professionalization and usability of your portal. Bringing in ample experience in web development, we offer

  • Project management portal
  • Membership portal
  • Intranet portal
  • HR portal
  • CRM portal
  • Corporate portal
  • Customer portal solution
  • Job portal Development
  • Customized portals
Website Design Company

CMS a content management system handles all your dynamic contents and websites need from an easy to use backend panel accessible solution CMS websites are easy to maintain, update with better and simple control panel. Which ultimately increase your productivity and most importantly you don’t have to be technically professional to do the required changes and updates.

  • Web content management services
  • Component content management systems
  • Enterprise content management systems
  • Corporate CMS
  • Joomla Development
  • WordPress Design and Integration
  • Magneto eCommerce CMS
Content Management Systems

We delivering smart and cost-effective CRM solutions to B2B and B2C enterprises helping them build long-lasting relationships with customers, drive sales teams engagement and productivity as well as support sales management.

  • Marketing and sales automation,
  • Loyalty program management,
  • Customer and partner management,
  • Sales forecasting,
  • Performance management,
  • Reporting.
  • Sales Automation
  • Adding more
Website Design Company
Directory & Listing

We build user-friendly website directory system that is easy to manage to contain a robust search engine and advanced filtering tools. We work with more technologies from system development to utilizing frameworks and third-party technologies to build powerful directory websites. Whatever the framework we believe that user experience must always take precedence.

  • Member profiles
  • User generated content
  • Search systems
  • Reporting and analytics features
  • Member management
Website Design Company
Blog & Forum

Web design changes and morphs so quickly that it is almost impossible for us to stay on top of trends fast enough. One easy that can help is to visit popular web design forums to see what’s buzzing in the community.

Forums are a great place to find out what’s new, what’s trendy and hot for today. Participating in forums discussions not only allow you to share your interest and first-hand tips, but to gain knowledge as well. It’s also a great place to look for design feedback, search for scripts and ask for possible solutions when facing technical difficulties we make it for you with the update portals and viewers can also easily accessible.

Website Design Company

Showcasing your products , portfolio ,services and anything we create websites for that too create your portfolio website is a quick and easy way. It’s the perfect way to show off your work to fans, or even catch the eye of potential new clients with a user-friendly interface is a very affordable way of storing and sharing the work you are most proud of. It can also help you build an audience and generate new business so that you can turn your passion into a career .

Website Design Company

Responsive Website

website development company

Responsive websites with superb performance and great usability mainly focuses on content, performance, adaptive design and in creating the user experience based web designs ,People are switching to multiple screens to browse the internet. So, to target these people we need to have a portal that is in optimized form .

UX / UI Design

website development company

UX helps UI Designs at HashSeven have ample of years of experience in the core areas of user experience, which helps them collaborate the finer modules of usability and functionality in-line with business goals and end-user needs. We do Research-Information- Interaction- Wire frame- Testing .

Engage Content

website development company

We offers a range of options for you to conveniently manage the website content yourself. Because at the end of the day, It all comes down to how fresh and up to date your content is! Be it a do-it-yourself website or a custom design. If you are a busy professional and delegate the website management work to us.


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The very first step is the client discovery meeting to find out your wants and/or needs. Discovery typically initiates your website conversion strategy to deliver leads.


The design stage involves moving information from the discovery to reality delivering a documented site structure and visual representation.


Development of your site involves the bulk programming and content upload. Your site is fully audited and tested before deployment.


Preparation of your site for user friendliness and public viewing. Your site is moved to a permanent web server and tested for any unexpected behaviour